• Junk DNA: the Key to Higher Consciousness?

    We are forced to admit that we are only beginning to be knowledgeable of a small section of our genetic structure, and that holds a lot of potential in our evolution.

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  • Fact-Checking Our Fears

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” As we face the accelerating and tumultuous changes in today’s society, that statement might make some sense anew.

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  • About

    Emanuel is a lifelong seeker and advocate of environmental awareness and world peace.

    Emanuel Kuntzelman is a seeker of environmental awareness and world peace.

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  • Breaking Out of the Trance and Building a Culture of Peace

    The lasting positive changes we are seeking must come from a deep commitment to snap our fingers and break out of our trance, and stay awake and aware of the new paradigm patterns pushing us to an evo...

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  • A New Paradigm of Populism with Purpose

    This is the kind of populism that represents the emergent norm of our highest human values, representing the altruistic nature of our species at its best.

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  • Waking Up, Growing Up and Cleaning Up for a Transformed Civilization

    We're a part of a transformation that we all have a responsibility to uphold. As a result of waking up, growing up, and cleaning up, I believe we'll reach a critical mass to achieve our transition.

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    Emanuel Kuntzelman is a seeker of environmental awareness and world peace.

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    As a public speaker for over 25 years, Emanuel eloquently presents lectures, ...

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