• Seeking Spiritual Ecstasy

    Seek your spiritual ecstasy! Meditate on a mountain or take a walk in nature, and do it on a regular basis. Let it fill your heart with joy, and let it replenish your spirit, for there will be times...

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  • May True Peace Arise from a Global Culture

    In our wishes for goodwill for the holidays and aspirations for the year to come, let us all make an effort to make our desire for peace to be radically inclusive.

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  • A Film Review of the Theory of Everything

    As someone who’s followed Hawking’s work as a physicist, I was hoping the film would delve into greater detail about his contributions to the scientific community, but from a broader perspective, ...

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  • Why We Need to Provide Our Own Shocks in our Evolutionary Shift 

    We can be aware of when we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and close the gap between understanding and taking action in creating our own evolution.

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  • Meaning and Mastery in Personal Transformation

    Meaningful transformation through mastery is not achieved outside of our daily lives. Our practice must be integrated into our regular routine, and to be able to do this everyone deserves a fair and l...

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  • About

    Emanuel is a lifelong seeker and advocate of environmental awareness and world peace.

    Emanuel Kuntzelman is a seeker of environmental awareness and world peace.

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    Emanuel Kuntzelman is a seeker of environmental awareness and world peace.

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    As a public speaker for over 25 years, Emanuel eloquently presents lectures, ...

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