• The Outdated Story of Separation

    The narrative we tell ourselves is so important in fostering positive change. The old story we have been told is of separation, the new story is of unification.

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  • The Great Transformation and Why This Movement Will Be Successful

    There is a great cry for help for humanity and from our planet, and it can’t be ignored. That is the transformative moral-value base that is changing throughout the entire planet, and that is why th...

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  • Rediscovering the Key to Unlocking our Full Potential

    Realizing our expanded capacities and limitless potential as human beings is not a new idea. This timely reminder has stuck with me as a motivator in this ongoing pursuit for social change.

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  • A Meeting of Great Minds Thinking Alike

    When Michael Murphy agreed to an evening event with Tim Boyd discussing their individual views on science and spirit I was certain it would be an unforgettable encounter.

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  • About

    Emanuel is a lifelong seeker and advocate of environmental awareness and world peace.

    Emanuel Kuntzelman is a seeker of environmental awareness and world peace.

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    Emanuel Kuntzelman is a seeker of environmental awareness and world peace.

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    As a public speaker for over 25 years, Emanuel eloquently presents lectures, ...

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