• Drawing Versus Pushing People Toward the Edge in Transformation

    If we can keep in mind compassion, gratitude and a sense of humility we can begin to help draw others outside of their comfort zone and toward an understanding for peace and harmony for the greater go...

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  • What Does it Take to Create Global Leaders?

    As global leaders, we must embrace the idea of being a planetary citizen. It’s time to create an ever-higher state of consciousness that offers compassion and respect to the whole of humanity.

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    Join me July 22 - 26 for an inspiring event featuring IONS Scientists, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don Miguel Ruiz, many more inspiring luminaries, and like-minded friends.

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  • Seeking Spiritual Ecstasy

    Seek your spiritual ecstasy! Meditate on a mountain or take a walk in nature, and do it on a regular basis. Let it fill your heart with joy, and let it replenish your spirit, for there will be times...

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  • May True Peace Arise from a Global Culture

    In our wishes for goodwill for the holidays and aspirations for the year to come, let us all make an effort to make our desire for peace to be radically inclusive.

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  • Why We Need to Provide Our Own Shocks in our Evolutionary Shift 

    We can be aware of when we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and close the gap between understanding and taking action in creating our own evolution.

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